how to see Chegg answers free Reddit 2021

how to see Chegg answers free Reddit 2021

You can see Chegg answers free. But the question is, how? This article will teach you all about it!

“A few months ago, I was faced with a disappointing situation that left me without any handy study material or resources for what to do in my predicament – but not anymore, thanks to this informative blog post from on How To Get Answers For Free Without Paying. As soon as they mention “Chegg” and their webpage starts loading up at lightning speed in front of my eyes… you’ll know exactly where we’re going here: Official site Of Chegg That Offers More Than Just Books And Tutors Live Chat Site Time On-Demand Video Class Room Personalized Help Anywhere.”

What is Chegg?

Chegg is a California-based online study platform that connects tutors and students all over the world. This allows people to find what they are looking for, whether home or schoolwork, help with math problems, an internship opportunity in their field of interest, and scholarships available through Chegg! Teachers have been hired by testing skills which then receive pay from answering questions posted on this website’s forum known as “the Q&A,” where anyone can ask whatever comes into mind 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year because Chegg care about their community helping them achieve success not only academically but socially too. 

You have to pay $14.95 to buy a monthly subscription to Chegg. The only catch is that they don’t want to give it away for free! Luckily there is a way around this problem – by using Discord! With these step-by-step guides, anyone can see Chegg answers without paying.

I am sharing 4 methods here for you.

Solution 1: unblur Chegg answers by using Discord

If you’re looking for an answer and can’t afford the subscription, then I have good news. When clicking search on the Chegg website, it will show blurred text, but now there is another way! Clicking View This Answer gives us this options; make your account or log in with Facebook pay every month ($14.95), but we don’t want to pay 🙂

  • Go to your browser and a new tab and type
  • Click Enter, and then it’ll ask you to sign-up.
  • Enter the details following the terms and conditions and verify the registration through email
  • Then the Discord will ask you to Accept an invite
  • you are on the Discord home page Now
  • You’ll see the Chegg icon on the left side options
  • Click on Chegg and write “lh ” in the message bar
  • Leave the “lh ” (with space) and go back to your question page
  • now Copy its URL and paste in the Discord with “lh “ (with space) and press Enter
  • the URL is in the Discord Now 
  • Click on this link to see the answer. It’ll verify that you are not a robot and show you the answer.

This is how to see Chegg answers without paying. There are other ways too to see Chegg answers for free. Let’s explore them too.

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Solution 2: Use a Free Trial of Chegg

To use a free trial of Chegg is like having the chance to ask questions and get answers from experts. It’s perfect for those who want a little more information but don’t have money to pay! You can go through so many answers within your 30 days without any restriction. The best way I’ve found using their service free was by signing up an account and use as a trial for a month.

Solution 3: how to see Chegg answers free Reddit 2021

I have discovered another way to see Chegg’s answer for free. It can be done using Reddit. It’s a very easy trick, so let’s start.

  •  If you don’t have one, First make a Reddit account.
  • Then Go to, and at the right side of its home page, click on three dots/lines.
  • Then click on Learning, and under the Learning, tab click on Chegg for free methods.
  • Out of the Chegg methods, there would be many options, choose Reddit
  • Now. the Reddit server is opened for you
  • Now you have to Click on Create post; a dialogue box will be open to writing your question.
  • Then go back to the Chegg page where the is answer is blurred, copy its URL
  • Now Open a new tab and type, and press Enter
  • Paste the copied URL there and click on Create new paste
  • now copy the URL of and paste it to the Reddit page
  • Once the URL is shown in the post box, click on the post button.
  • After Reddit complete the search process, it’ll show you another link
  • Click on that link, and you’ll be able to see the blur answer to the same question that you had put in the Chegg.

I hope it might have helped you how to see Chegg answers free Reddit 2021.

how to see Chegg answers free Reddit 2021

Solution 4: Use Search Engine

You can also search on different search engines like google, bing, yahoo to get your answers for free. You’ll see many blogs, articles related to your question with in-depth answers. This may help you complete your assignment.

Does Chegg have a free trial?

Yes, Chegg offers to use their services for free for 30 days on trial


  1. Use Discord to unblur Chegg answers
  2. Free trial on Chegg
  3. Use Reddit to see answers of Chegg
  4. Use different search engines to get free answers

I hope this article would be very helpful to you. if yes make sure to share and comment if you have any questions. i love replying to people.

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