How to get rid of ads on Hulu | top 6 working hacks in 2021

how to get rid of ads on Hulu

Hulu is a great way to watch television without cable. However, ads are still an inevitable part of the viewing experience. Hulu has a lot of ads popping up on our screen, Hulu depends on ads to run their site. This blog post will outline how to get rid of ads on Hulu so you can enjoy uninterrupted TV-watching! 

For those of us who have had enough with advertisements interrupting our favorite shows, there is now hope! You may be wondering which app or plugin you need in order to block ads? Fear not, dear reader! Our blog post will show you how easy it is.

There are many ways one can go about eliminating those pesky commercials on Hulu. whether it’s through blocking them with an ad blocker like Adblock plus (which is surprisingly easy), so stick to the post.


How to get rid of ads on Hulu | 6 easy hacks that work

So, without any further delay, let’s know these tips & tricks to block/skip ads on Hulu.

Block ads on Hulu using Swap Tabs:

With these easy steps, you can avoid being bombarded by Hulu ads on your browser. All it takes is one quick trick and all those pesky pop-ups will be outta sight! You don’t need an app or plugins for this Hack.

how to block ads on hulu

  1. Log in to the Hulu website. On the page, click on Video. 
  2. Right-click on the tab and select Duplicate to make a copy of your tab. You can also open a New Tab and copy your video page URL.
  3. In the second tab, move the slider to just before the Hulu ads in the video. The Hulu ads are of a different color in the slider and you need to put the slider before they start.
  4. You can watch the video on your first tab and when it gets to the part of the ad, you can switch tabs. This will make it so that you don’t have to watch the ads. This will automatically skip Hulu ads.

Adblock for Hulu


There’s an easy way to block Hulu ads if you’re having issues with their ad skipper extension. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users can use the Adblock Plus extension.

Have you ever seen an ad that was so annoying that you wanted to avoid it by any means necessary? You’re not alone. Adblock Plus has been downloaded over million times and is currently the most popular browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It’s no surprise when this software is created with the intention of blocking ads on all websites. What does this mean for television watchers, streamers, or Hulu users? Well, if you are watching tv without Adblock plus enabled then chances are you have seen a commercial break in between episodes of your favorite show. If you use google chrome as your browser then installing the Adblock plus extension will ensure that there are no advertisements while browsing on any webpage including TV content streaming sites like Hulu. it’s a great plugin to block ads on hulu, give it a try.


Here is the link to the official site: Adblock Plus extension

how to skip ads on Hulu by cutting ads length:


Hulu is beginning to become more of a pain in the neck than originally anticipated. It’s not uncommon for videos on this site to have long, tedious ads that can easily last 3-5 minutes per video! And if you’re anything like me and prefer watching my favorite shows at home instead with some pizza on hand topped off by ice cream afterward? Well then I’ve got some bad news – those pesky commercials are going to be longer now too!!

Lucky enough there are ways around all these annoying interruptions though.


There’s an easy way to skip long Hulu ads and that’s by reloading your browser. After the 30-second video ad, as you approach the next one on this site just refresh it using the “refresh” button beside the address bar of internet explorer or google chrome. In this way, you will get no ads on hulu.

Hulu Ad Skipper | chrome extension


Hulu Ad Skipper is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to avoid Hulu ads. It’s an adblocker built specifically with Hulu in mind and will automatically mute & fast forward video ads while you’re watching so that it can unmute when your back on a video! You won’t even notice it’s there. install this tool now from the Google Chrome web store.

hulu ad skipper


Here is the link to chrome web store: Hulu ad skipper extension

Enounce MySpeed PC software


Are you using the Hulu app? Thus cant use adblocker or skipper ad extension? You can use Enounce MySpeed. Did you know that Enounce MySpeed is free software for both Windows and Mac OS. which automatically detects any video playing on your system. It allows users to speed up videos. Whenever you encounter a video ad, just use this software, speed it up for instant skipping of Hulu ads without any problems.

Enounce MySpeed PC software

How to block ads on hulu on android

If you want to watch Hulu videos on your Android phone or tablet but are tired of seeing the advertisements, there is an ad blocker for this streaming service. Follow these steps below!

Just open Google Playstore app and search “Hulu Adblocker”. Clicking on this option will take me right into downloading it onto my phone—with no hassle whatsoever. Once installed go ahead and launch that bad boy (or girl) right now so get ready for some flawless viewing experience free from any pesky commercials during shows or movies without ads – amirite?!

Some people are reporting that they can’t use Hulu Adblocker with their device or it requires root permissions.

There is a way you can go about blocking ads on Hulu. The first is with an installed web browser that has the option for ad-blockers built into its settings menu, such as Brave Browser or Adblock Browser or Opera

how to skip hulu ads





No matter how you feel about Hulu, we can all agree that the ads are annoying and some of them may even be inappropriate for kids. You might think your only option is to watch without any interruption but there’s a way to get rid of those pesky ads on Hulu! It doesn’t require expensive subscriptions or technical know-how so give it a try. After following our step-by-step guide on how to get rid of ads on hulu, you’ll have ad-free viewing in no time at all!


If you want to get rid of commercials on Hulu without the hassle, try Adblock for Google Chrome. It’s free and easy-to-use so there is no reason not to give it a shot! You’ll be able to watch your favorite TV shows or movies uninterrupted with this extension installed. We hope that these tips will help make watching Hulu easier than ever before!

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